Pre-Sale Detailing

With the 2nd hand car market at a high, a lot of people are choosing to sell their cars while they are ahead! This package is tailored to getting MAXIMUM return on your investment with minimal spent and making some money by getting a considerable amount more for your car!

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Paint Correction

The process of paint correction also goes by a lot of other names. Eg. “Cut and Polish", “Buffing" etc. But all come down to the same principles, which are: Using compounds and polishes to remove scratches, swirls and defects, also known as “marring". Our professional expertise and accreditation in this field allows you the confidence to know that every step along the way, our experts are doing an excellent job polishing your car as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible to maximise the look of your paintwork. Urbanity Premium Detailing offers multiple levels of service in correcting your paintwork to suit both your needs and your budget.

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Ceramic Paint Protection

What are they? Ceramic Coatings are a durable, nanoscopic chemical polymer protectant which is applied to freshly prepared paintwork to boost gloss, durability and swirl resistance in order to protect your investment in paint correction for years to come. All whilst being ultra hydrophobic (beading water) to make washing it a breeze. Here at Urbanity Premium Detailing we exclusively use Gtechniq and Nova coating products as we are accredited to do. Our paintwork coating of choice is Gtechniq's very own CSL (Crystal Serum Light) and topped with Gtechniq EXOv4 Topcoat.

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There is no place better for your pride and joy

Read some of the testimonials from our many, many satisfied customers!

Urbanity Premium Detailing did an absolutely amazing job on my 2013 BRZ. It wasn't in shocking condition, but when it came back, it was better than new. The correction I had done on it was amazing and I have had comments on it ever since. The professionalism I've seen and knowledge that Jack holds makes Urbanity a company I will continue to recommend to friends and family. Thanks so much again!


Urbanity offered one of the easiest and streamlined processes of any business I've dealt with in a long time. Jack is super friendly and passionate. Genuinely cares for his business and craft and is always looking to help his customers continue to keep their car looking A1, even after they've left his care. Super excited to see where this up and coming business goes. Can't recommend these guys enough!


Urbanity Premium Detailing is the most professional and well prepared detailing business that I have ever had contact with. I got a full detail and the car was like brand new. Can't recommend this business enough for the great customer service and amazing end product.